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Celaxryn RX On the other hand, in addition to stimulation of the penis, manual caresses of the scrotum, anus Celaxryn RX the area between testes Celaxryn RX anus are possible. The downside to the classic position is to burden the woman with the partner's body. The decision to choose the classical position Variants of the classic position , favoring the widening of the entrance to the vagina, are not a good choice for ladies who have a wide vagina or in a situation where the penis is small. Then a better solution is a system in which a woman has legs connected. The position is recommended for couples seeking a child. Gives adequate comfort during sexual initiation. It should not be decided by couples in which the man is obese, because his weight will crush his partner, taking her pleasure from intercourse. The name results from the association of the body arrangement of sexual partners with the numbers six Celaxryn RX nine in the number sixty-nine. It is a position for oral sex that allows both lovers to experience stimulation at the same time. What makes item 69 differentfrom others, there is a lack of genital contact, because the body system of the partners allows only oral sex, i.e. stimulation of the genitals by mouth Celaxryn RX tongue. Lovers lie in such a way that the perineum of one person is in the area of the face of the other partner. Visual stimuli, taste Celaxryn RX smell of intimate areas reach partners.


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