#1 I'll have to see what happens in the following weeks von hgdgsvhgvuj 23.08.2022 05:44

I am a huge fan of Lost Ark, I love the process of getting more characters in the game and then generating enough income to ensure they're all gorgeous The lame daily login events plus a single Naruni Race-equivalent. I can see myself getting hooked to the game in the near future but it's hard to appreciate the team behind the game. The last big whoopsie in the coming power pass/express event that does nothing for anyone and feels like AGS/SG are dumb; it doesn't make old players more likely to come back, it doesn't help new players at all, and the existing players will probably have no opinion about it.

I'm also struggling to get my mind around treating classes already in KR as content that we can use in our own version. I don't really care about the classes as I'm content with what we have but a lot of the player base wants to play something that's not released by us in the game. Even though everyone's been screaming from their lungs for faster release you're seeing AGS/SG blue balling the players base. The longer they're waiting, the harder it becomes to switch to the main , regardless of how many (watered down) power passes or expresses they offer away.

It's a terribly difficult situation. I'll have to see what happens in the following weeks.

I don't want to be off-putting, but why do you play Lost Ark if you think 1370 is Yoho's prison? There's no benefit to playing that Lost Ark game where you're not making "repetitive" items. It's not possible to log in and do your raids in one hour, and then leave until next week to collect your loots. It's not the way to play.

1370-1400 is three weeks and not two months There is no obligation to take the p3 bus (i actually do not do it on my 6th alt since I heavily dislike it). It's up to you how fast your pace unlocks the new Argo's phase, and you can learn all the patterns on multiple alts. Keep farming till valtan etc.

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